Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Amazing!

It's amazing how much the Hubs and I have learned over the past 20 years!  Twenty years ago, if something broke in the house, we would have called my dad to come over and help us to fix it or we would have been calling his dad or his step-dad Bill for advice.  These days, we are able to figure it out ourselves--can I say, that is a real feeling of accomplishment!  This would not have been possible, however;  if our 3 "dads" hadn't coached/coaxed us along the way.  The first problem:  the disposal locked up tighter than Fort Knox.  We tried using the disposal-sized Allen wrench to unlock it and had no luck.

Turns out, a metal piece from Toddy's jerky gun was stuck between the two layers of the disposal and there was no way to work it out.  So, we bought a new disposal from Lowe's (thank you, 10% military discount!) and while we were there, we saw that the prices for new kitchen faucets weren't as high as we thought, so we went ahead and bought a new kitchen faucet (ours was leaking--thanks crappy gasket).  An hour, and a little bit of salty language later, we found ourselves smiling like idiots as we realized we had knocked out more than a few problems in our crappy kitchen.  Maybe our night wasn't wasn't as tranquil as we thought it would be, but we ended up with a non-leaky sink and a workable disposal.  AND...we were able to score a sweet, only 2-year old dishwasher for the low-low price of $80 on Craigslist.  The kitchen may be the last room in the house to get the "deluxe" treatment, but it's all coming together fairly quickly.  Stand-by for photos of our new kitchen!

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