Saturday, February 19, 2011

How I Met The Hubs

So, me and the old man have been together for 20 years and will be married 20 years later this year--the official anniversary is October 26, 2011--20 years of marriage to the Toddster.  Some of our friends have asked us how did we meet in the first place and when did we know our relationship was "it."  Well, it's kinda a funny story...we first met, January 16, 1988 at the Navy Enlistment Club at Little Creek--it was called the "Helm Club."  We met because our close friends were trying to set us up on a blind date, but we weren't actually impressed by each other--I thought he was too "geeky" and he thought I talked too much.  So, time went by until we re-met through Toddy's roommate Troy back in 1990 when the three of us decided to attend Harborfest in Norfolk, Va.  A week later, Troy went home on leave, and Todd asked me to go to see a movie with him, "Total Recall" and that was the catalyst which drove us into our relationship.  I thought he was a cool photographer and he thought I was a cute chick--these two coincidences brought us even closer together  and propelled us onto the path of true love.

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  1. Congrats on your upcoming 20 year anniversary, Becky (and Todd). It's so fun to see your blog in my Google reader.

    xo - Erin (C.)