Monday, February 28, 2011

Day in D.C.

Recently, Hubs and I had the opportunity to spend a few hours in our favorite city, Washington, D.C.  We had to bring Hubs' flag down to the Capitol building to have his VT state representative, Rep. Peter Welch's office fly Hubs' retirement flag over the Capitol.  We were lucky enough to have Rep. Welch's congressional staff give us a tour of his office and give us a brief history on the setup of the congressional offices. 

Afterward, we decided to stroll around the Capitol building and take some photos.  We were surprised to find that there is a U.S. National Botanic garden located right behind the Capitol building. 

Turns out, we were very lucky to find the garden as it suddenly began pouring down rain and neither of us had an umbrella.  We couldn't believe such a small place could be so pretty.  I've attached some photos of our time there that day.

The seal of the great state of Vermont

Rear of the Capitol building

A cacao tree--the kind that produces beans which become chocolate!

Mushrooms & moss

This giant tin garden in the botanical garden showcases the aromas of the different spices around the world.

View of the mall from the steps of the Capitol building.

I haven't seen bananas growing on a tree like this since we lived in Puerto Rico.

Overview of the main garden of the botanic garden.

This was a photo that was part of an exhibition on Scottish gardens.  I just loved the lighting.  Must come from being married to a photographer for almost 20 years.

Main atrium of the botanic garden.

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