Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beekeeping & Chickens!

I signed Toddy up for a Beekeeping class at Harford Community College.  The class only costs $35 for 6 weeks and during the last class, Toddy gets to go to an actual bee farm and get "hands on" experience.  He goes through so much honey (he uses it as a sweetener) so we decided we wanted to make our own.  Everyone keeps telling me if I take a teaspoon of local honey every day that it will help to keep my allergy symptoms down so why not go totally local and get it from my own backyard?

We've also been interested in keeping chickens.  Did you know that up until the end of World War II, most American families kept a couple of chickens in the backyard to provide eggs for their diets?  Once the country began "suburbanizing" everything, bye bye chickens.  The Mill (a local garden center) is hosting a "Chicks Night Out" on 4/7 at their Whiteford location.  They are going to have poultry experts there and will be talking about basic care, breed characteristics, and more.  I think we are going to definitely check it out.

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